Valle Crucis Park News ~ September 2021

THANK YOU to everyone who helped make the annual Park auction a success! We extend deep gratitude to everyone who donated auction items, to all of you who bid on these great items, and to those folks who participated in the Wine Pull event on September 3 to kick off the annual auction. With your support, we were able to raise nearly $24,000 that will be used to keep Park operations going. The best part about the annual auction? How well it demonstrated the heart of the community behind our beloved Valle Crucis Community Park.  

And there’s always plenty to do on site at the Park. Come on out and enjoy a walk, some bird watching, a game of catch, or a dip in the river. Join us through mid-October for Friday night Music in the Valle (as always, weather permitting, so may we get the rain we need, but never on Fridays!).

See you at the Park!


We are a nonprofit organization. 80% of our operating budget comes from donations from visitors like you. Click here for information on our Annual Auction.


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The park provides environmental education opportunities for visitors of all ages.

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Learn more about the rich cultural and natural history of Valle Crucis, North Carolina.


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